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Talent First provides integrated people solutions in the workplace, for the employer and the employee.



The Talent First Team are experts in finding the jobs or talent that Transform your career or business. Speak to one of our experts today.



Let Talent First customise the Employee Assistance Program that provide a duty of care for all of your staff team.



Talent First customised talent management and retention solutions. We help you develop and retain your existing and future stars.


About Talent First

Talent First provides integrated people solutions in the workplace, for the employer and the employee. That means as a people business Talent First provides solutions for your Recruitment, EAP and Organisational and Development needs.


Our commitment is to our clients and our candidates. We aspire to assist each of our candidates, clients or referrals to realise their potential in business and career. Through years of experience, we have recognised the value gained by each party through having content employees in the right job. Getting this choice right can transform business, career and life. We are passionate about this and it shows in every placement and project that we take on board.

Our Brand Values


With a team with over twenty years of combined experience in the recruitment, Talent management and development fields Talent First understands your business needs. We fully are knowledgeable about the sectors that we support and we invest in people who can operate at the highest level. We continually learn and we always strive to educate our clients and candidates as well as ourselves. We are world-class and results-driven.


If trust is the basis of all personal relationships, why should business be any different? [A]t Talent First, we rely on building trust with our staff, candidates and of course our clients. We seek transparency in every action that we take and work on instilling this as part of our organisational culture. It is transparency and trust that will help us achieve the desired result in every action that we take on your behalf.


Consistency is how we operate and how we serve. Consistency determines how we interact with clients, candidates and colleagues – and how we operate both locally and internationally. With this consistency comes dependability. Our consistency also promotes teamwork.


We care about the relationships that we develop with those whom we connect with and we care about the importance and the value of the recruitment services that we provide. Our commitment to caring is also prevalent in our honesty and openness, which allows trust and respect to develop.


We are open in how we approach our clients and candidates and in how we challenge ourselves. We offer “straight speak” when dealing with candidates, clients and our own staff. We endeavour to offer solutions that reflect the market and that have been developed with you in an open environment. With such openness in communication we hope to foster an entrepreneurial environment that will provide fresh ideas and innovative solutions in every situation.


We spend close to half of our day at work or thinking about work. Put simply, SHOULDN’T IT BE FUN? Whilst we take your business needs seriously we like to make sure that we enjoy our work.